Swaziland: Ntombi Nyawo

Swaziland: Ntombi Nyawo

Date: April 15, 2016
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I used to bake and sell buns to her local community. I chose to sell her bakeries by the border gate because truckers lodge there during the night and need something for breakfast in the morning. My advantage was that my home was a walking distance from the border and I has a stall at the local market.

During phase one of the entrepreneurship training, I had never heard of business planning let alone the term entrepreneurship. I thought it was the money making schemes aiming at ripping me off. I was involve in a cake making business for years but I had never made any profits because never did any cash flow projections and had many competitors which forced me to shut down my business. Attending the workshop made me think of another business idea (filling the market gaps) needs for people in in my community. I did my market research and discovered that people in my community had many concrete floored houses and no one was supporting them with wax polish. I took advantage of a community project which was teaching woman to start small projects form the local Inkhundla. I got training on making floor polish for free and tested my skills by making my own polish.

I am very grateful for getting an opportunity to interact with business people and shared business ideas, I got to learn of ways to improve or expand my business. The networking has help me rekindle a money saving scheme that has shut down due to misunderstandings in my community.

I  have now ventured into wax polish making which is in demand in my community because I was the first one to produce it. I get my ingredients from Manzini and I makes sure to make a large amount so that I can make profit. I makes in in 1litre and 500ml for those who cannot afford to buy the bigger one. I  supplies local shops and plans to go even further. I displays the rest of my products at the market stall. I am planning to brand my product so people can obtain information about me and even call me to place order. I  have nregistered my company.I also sells fruits and vegetables at the market stall.

My first encounter with Gender Links was during phase one of the Entrepreneurship training of gender base violence survivors which was held at Nisela Guest House. I again had an opportunity to take part during phase two and three of the same training which was held at Nisela, Nsoko. Ntombi is a multi- talented woman as I am also a pre-school teacher for orphaned and vulnerable children at the local care point. I have currently enrolled at the University of Swaziland for Pyscho-Social Support.

I am wiser than before. I experienced abuse as an adult after my brother seized her furniture and accused me of witch-craft. I have closed that chapter of my life and decided to move on. Gender Links has opened my eyes and now i am committed to discourage any form of abuse in my community starting from my house. I have all the skill and experience to make my business a success and for that I gives credit to Gender Links for opening my eyes and mind. I have constructed a structure where I make my polish and keeps it until it cools off.

I was one the nominees’ for the National Summit last year, although I never got a prize but I got the chance to meet with entrepreneurs form all over the country who share with me. I had shares my personal experiences with young woman in my community and church members. I educate my learners about sexual abuse and ways to prevent it. We often meets as the community members advisers to discuss issues pertaining children and ways we could help them.