Swaziland: Thabsile Maziya

Swaziland: Thabsile Maziya

Date: April 18, 2016
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Attending the Gender Links training has enlightened me with business skills and improved me personally. I used to believe that only man can do business but now I know that even women can venture into business. I have learnt that you cannot just start a business without market research; finding out if there is a need for the business in the area and trying to differ from your competitors to gain more customers.

I joined the Gender Links training in the year 2013 and was invited to the three phases which i I attended. Everything was important especially the cash flow and nothing was less useful about the training’s. I am still struggling to start my own business now because I do not have capital to start. Before i joined the Gender Links training’s I was doing nothing with my life. I have joined money saving schemes in order to save. The town council has linked me with Gender Links who changed my life.

I was abused as a child but now all is good as i am no longer abused. A lot has changed in my life and one thing that has help is letting go of the past hurts. I have learnt about the different types of abuse and where to get help if faced by such situation. I am now independent and less vulnerable than before.

There is a link between economic empowerment and gender based violence in the sense that those who have power tend to manipulate those less privileged. I am aware of my rights and I have improved my social status and inspire other women in living a better life.

I do outreach encouraging people to check their HIV status, domestic awareness campaigns and healthy living. I communicate  well with all kind of people. I learnt the basic business skill with the help of other women. I will follow all the necessary steps in starting my business and wish not never lose hope on the business. I would like to invite Gender Links to give me an interview and use my business as a case study to teach other women.