Swaziland: Thandazile Myeni

Swaziland: Thandazile Myeni

Date: April 15, 2016
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I was glad to be selected as one of the participants of the “I stories” and Entrepreneurship workshop. This was truly a life changing training for me. Before attending I never knew how to budget let alone use my money wisely. I would leave the house and look for housekeeping jobs but at the end of the day misuse what I earn form my job. After attending the training I was enlightened on life changing skills which helped improve my life. I was able to start a small business using the skills I acquired from the training.

I joined the Gender Links entrepreneurship training in the year 2013 and only manage to attended two phases of the training and everything i have learned has been very useful to me especially business plan and market research.  And i have to not attended the one phase because I was at work and I feel that i have missed a lot of information in the phase that i did not attend.

I am doing laundry for people in my community and I am having difficulties in growing m business because of not having the finance. bit with the information i have acquired from the Gender Links workshops I now have new ideas and strategies on how to do my business now.

I had left the man i was with who was abusive and i have never been happy me my life with that decision. and i met a men who is loving, caring and does not drink alcohol. i believe my ex husband was abusing me more when he was drunk. As a women i am now more independent, able to speak and face my problems and i encourage other women to speak out. Me and my partner are able to talk through our problems

There is a link between economic empowerment and gender based violence in the sense that those who have power tend to manipulate those less privileged and abuse their powers. I am seen different in my community in the sense that I am now independent and have skills to generate income than before and share the information know about gender abuse and the entrepreneurship so that our community can grow with young women who are not depending on anyone.

From the business perspective, I know and understand importance of a business plan and how to write it. I  will encourage other woman who never got the opportunity to attend the training in starting businesses by sharing skills. Despite the challenges they face in life they should press on and achieve their goals.In future I wish to have a laundry space and staff to assist me.