Sylvia G Monthe

Sylvia G Monthe

Date: March 31, 2016
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Sylvia G Monthe – Jwaneng

I started my training in 2013 where I completed all the modules in the course; it was of great importance when the accounting lesson was given as it shows a company’s progress. There was also the course on market research which was informative on the proper ways to grow my business, it insinuated the innovative ways I may experiment so as to expand my horizons such as recycling paper for my artifacts. I learned about business and the essential business equipment, the management and also the importance.

The training came at the right time as I was at a point of giving up on my life. I had been trying to start a business but it did not go well.

I make jewelry including some made out of recycled paper and some made out of gems; the jewelry made out of paper does not sell well. This has taught me the importance of cash flow in a business. The Jwaneng council has assisted me in getting the tools that I require to make my jewelry such as threads and fish lines.

I was abused by my child however all is well now as the social workers have managed to talk and rehabilitate my child. There is much change in the way we get along and the social workers have also noticed the change.

I have managed to inspire the people around me to start up their own businesses as it makes a difference in their lives. I managed to inspire one of my community members who has since started the business of selling seedlings of all sorts.

Gender Links has taught me how to generate income and also how to manage my expenditure in my business, my short term goal for my business is to expand so I may be able to help my family financially and also the community at large. By the year 2030 my vision is that my business will have grown massively to a point I am just the manager who hired people to do the other work. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Gender Links which has taught me a great deal on business management, I pray to God to bless you so they continue to educate the nation at large on such life tactics.