Date: March 22, 2016
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The day I met with GL I remembered my experiences of abuse. I first went into the GL trainings in 2013 and I attended all the three sessions. Apart from the counselling that I received I learned about a number of important issues.

The challenges I got came from my neighbours who spat at me saying I was moving around aimlessly. Before the trainings I was doing nothing; but now I am involved in vegetable farming, and I work at a pre-school. These trainings helped me get to where I am now. My council helped me by introducing me to GL. It has also helped me with the skill to talk to people, to know my rights and how to make a positive living.

I suffered abuse from my neighbour, but not presently. There is a change in my life because my abuser is no longer alive. These trainings have not brought about any change in my life, instead things are getting worse. It changes people’s lives as I am now able to help others by sharing with them what I’ve been taught, like advising them to keep record books so that they know how business is going.

My people see me in a different light as I have been able to advise them in a number of ways and things they did not know about. One has to have an account in the bank, and be able to pay themselves a salary from their businesses.

Overall I have learned to keep the business books and to maintain high quality customer care. I will use this knowledge in a profitable manner. My aim is to grow my business and supply my people with meat, and offer jobs to the Basotho children and have a lot of money.

In 2030 I want my life to have improved a lot. I would like to have a vehicle of my own and improve my home with the money accrued from my poultry business. I wish to thank the leadership of GL for their desire to train people about life skills, and the knowledge that they give to us so that we will be able as well to transmit the same knowledge to our brothers and sisters.