Thato Sitang

Thato Sitang

Date: March 31, 2016
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Thato Sitang – MAUN

What I have learned with GL is that in business there is need to have a record of all that happens in the business. I can now report that I am now financially wise, I know how to use money properly.

I have attended all the three workshops since 2013, although all were important I managed to learn how to get along with people and how to treat people equally at all costs regardless of background and reputation. The challenge that I experienced was that the instructors were fast when teaching but I managed to overcome this by asking questions whenever I did not understand.

I was not business minded before I met GL, during the seminars I however brainstormed a couple of business ideas. I have now written down a business plan on my business which is a tuckshop. The Maun council has not been able to assist me of yet but I will persevere.

I experienced abuse from my parents, I chose to ignore the nasty remarks they made about me and not let them get to me much. I had hope that it will eventually stop and it did stop after they realise that all the abuse they were inflicting on me had no effect on me. I am now independent and need nothing from them I am now able to buy my won toiletries and sustain my needs.

Thanks to the training I got from GL I was able to help a woman who was in poverty, I educated on the right channels to follow to seek assistance so to be eradicated from the poverty she was living in. after helping her I was regarded to be useful as other people turn to me for advice for whatever situation they may be in.

I learned about the governmental and none governmental organisations that offer help to women in need and how to contact them. The training managed to shed light to me about book keeping and its importance. My vision for 2030 is that I may have a successful business selling chickens to large chain supermarkets and have a residential plot of my own.