South Africa: Thobeka Mzizi

South Africa: Thobeka Mzizi

Date: April 8, 2016
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 Most memorable experience as part of the training, is when we were doing our “I stories workshop” as it was an eye opener. I learn to open up not to hold any hatred towards. I have met with lots of women who have been through so much suffering in their lives.

I joined the Gender Links in 2014 August. I have attended all the 3 phases. What I have fond useful in the training was when we were doing our business plans, it open my mind to new ideas and when the plans that I have a lot of my troubles wold be solved once I have executed the plan.

Before I was doing a small business, I used to sell, ice cream, atchaar and cakes and I was a member of ward committee in my ward. My small business is not doing too well because sometimes I run out of stock

The training has help me a lot that I know my worth and change the poverty situation, for the better. The only thing that the council has helped me with is by introducing me to Gender Links programme. In my marriage I have experienced violence and I decided to walk out.

There is a change in my life with the help of my closet friends, family, my daughter and Gender Links as also helped. The links from the word Gender Links means grouping together especially women. At the moment my life is just going fine as I am influencing other women, as I am not feeling pity for myself as a single mother and not working but hustling for my children.

The lesson I have learned to not to be stereotyped, I need to open myself to new opportunities that presented to me. My future plans is to have a proper registered business, and make a success out of it. I would like to thank Gender Links and for them to keep up the good work they are doing to improve the lives.