South Africa: Thobeka Kleinveldt

South Africa: Thobeka Kleinveldt

Date: April 7, 2016
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I have learnt how to maintain a business, which I am not operating it for now because I had to use all the money to take my son to an initiation school in March 2015, but as soon as I get the money to stock I will continue with the business.

I joined the programme when we were doing the I stories workshop with Gender Links because Ntombi Ramalatsa who was then my social worker invited me to attend and she explained it might be good for me. I could not attend all the workshops because I had lost my phone and they could not get hold of me and because I could not leave my business unattended. The business plan template helped me with me business and the use of computers, which I have never used before but now at least I have an idea. I did not even know what a mouse is.
I had a business of selling chicken, which was doing well until recently. I had to use all the money but I am planning of going back to it soon hopeful before the end of the year. At the present moment I am not doing anything. The training helped me a lot with the business that I has as I was just doing it without knowledge but they thought me so many things regarding running a business. I used to use the money for my personal things not saving and I was thought to save and with the money I saved I managed to take my son to an initiation school. The Midvaal council has not help me in anyway except for introducing me to Gender Links.

I has experiencing abuse from my partner before I joined the workshop but he has since changed he no longer hit me and he used to not buying food for me and the kids and he now supports us in very way he could. Life is better than before, I think the change came after he saw the positive change in me.

I have been involved in one of the project in the community. I now have a new way of thinking and acting towards abuse. I am aware and able to help women by talking to them as an example. I have learnt a lot of things about business and running it for the better. I hope I will start saving money the next time I start the business again. I would like to thank Gender Links for the training and everything it has done for me and my family.