Swaziland: Thobile Jele

Swaziland: Thobile Jele

Date: April 14, 2016
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Attending the training has empowered me on gender based violence issues and where we can get help when we meet those problems. I never understood why my daughter was so aggressive towards me until after attending the workshop. I learnt to understand her emotions and the manner in which she addresses me. She was lacking the father figure in her life and blaming me for not making efforts to involve her father in her life.  I managed to grasp the necessary skills to grow and manage my business. I have started a small business which help boost my income. I am more focused on my work and the small business such that the emotional abuse is slowly dying down. I am on my healing journey and have forgiven my daughter for the past hurts.

I joined the Gender Links training in 2013 and  attended all the stages of the training they had in our council. The most important thing I found in the workshop was writing a business plan and cash flow. And for the first time in my life i have used a computer and even created a email address and I would have liked to work more on the computer and learn another programs, e.g micro-soft excel. I currently have a tuck shop and when i attend the Gender Links workshop I would fine the money not balancing because I would ask for help from my neighbor. And through the workshop I have managed to network/learn from other women and what they are doing in their councils and how I can improve in my business.

As a women who have overcome so many challenges in my life like abuse, I am now able to speak to other women and advice them on the domestic violence issues. I am seen differently now by now community members because i am now independent and have skills to generate income than before. And I share my business skills with others and people in my community applaud me for that whereas other people still feel as if exercising one right is a sign of disrespect; there is still a need for raising awareness on domestic violence issues. However others are still afraid to open up about abuse.

I learnt the importance of networking and sharing of ideas, helps improves ones mindset. I imagine my business in the year 2030 will be in greater heights and be able to give my children a better future and will help other women in growing their business.