Tshedi Emely Makhombothi

Tshedi Emely Makhombothi

Date: April 7, 2016
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Life is better now and we have a happy family. I have started a business selling traditional beer. I met a lot of people through the Gender Links program who were going through the same problems as me and we could share our thoughts and hurts. I have realised I was not the only one in the same situation. And from that experience I have gained my confidence. I am a better woman and mother to my kids.

I have attended few of the workshops because of the family responsibilities and other duties as a mother. I have adopted two kids since I joined the training and most of the time I spent with them, hence I could not attend some of the trainings.

Yes some abuse their wives/girlfriend because they pay the bill and they are entitled to them. They can beat them as they like and I believe the young women of today needs to be taught to be independent at the young age. Never to depend on anyone.

My business is doing well although I am not supposed to because I have adopted babies but I don’t have a choice because it help me to feed the family. I would like to have a big shop some day and leave a happy life.