Botswana: Tshepang Goveya

Botswana: Tshepang Goveya

Date: April 12, 2016
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I met one of my fried in 2013 who told me that they is an organization that helps abused women. I asked her where I can find that organization, and she told me to go to Civic Center I will find those people there, indeed I went there and found them, I introduced myself and explained to them how  I was abused by a certain man and I am disabled because of his abuse.

I was well received by Gender Links staff members to their organization. I also joined all their workshops until today. What I have learned was how to run a business, and what to do if I do not want to stay in an abusive relationship. I overcame all the challenges I faced because I was determined to stand by myself and to stop depending on some else income. I learned that I have to fend for myself and my children as if you do not have any source of income you are forced to depend on a man regardless of being abused by that person. Lessons from gender based violence helped me a lot because before I was always angry, and they referred me for counseling. I am now much better after counseling. I am what I am because of Gender Links as I am no longer abused.

The Lobatse Council helped me after they were contacted Gender Links, my children were also helped by being given toiletries and Christmas clothes. I am very thankful for Gender Links and council. When the abuse started I was not aware of it, but later when I realized that I was in abuse relationship I walked out of the relationship, even up to now I am staying alone with my children I don’t have any man in my life, and I am a very happy woman.

If this important organization can continue helping women, abuse can come to an end in our society especially us women as we are the once mostly abused. I now even have the courage to talk with my neighbors and friends to be aware of abusive relationships. Since I became involved with Gender Links my life has dramatically changed for the better. I now stay in good terms with my neighbors and my relatives, when I was still in that abusive relationship they were always laughing at me not understanding my situation.

 I intend to move forward with my life and never look back and be an ambassador for the young women for fighting gender violence. By the year 2030 I would like to have progressed and my children completed working and having a bigger house so that we can stay together peacefully.

I would like to thank Gender Links and Lobatse Council for helping me, because if it was not for the two I would not be what I am today.