Botswana: Wamodimo Gaselemogwe

Botswana: Wamodimo Gaselemogwe

Date: April 11, 2016
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I Wamodimo Selemogwe am happy about what I have learnt about concerning running a business. I have light now that when you have your own business you gain profits that you can use to sustain your family.

I started attending training in 2014 in Mogorosi and so far I have attended three sessions which were equally insightful. I have not yet started a business, currently I make a living by brewing traditional beer and selling it, it brings in money that I am able to provide for my family. Gender Links has helped me to realise the importance of being independent, which made me to start brewing traditional beer, I’m also involved in a society whereby I cook different kinds of food and sell them. I save most of my profits and use the rest on my family.

I have been living with abuse from my partner and it is still on going, although it seems he has reduced hitting me, he still has tendencies of going through my phones and deleting my content, he is boastful and chose my friends for me. He has a stable job, every month he manages to bring forth money for the children and is able to pay school fees, my family is happy about it.

I encourage women who are abused to find helped as I have, I have also encouraged one lady to get assistance from the social workers with her partner, which they did, and they live better together now. People see change in me now; I used to be a regular at the police station, not anymore.

I have learnt about women abuse and how to start up a business, I am going to encourage other women to also start up their own businesses so that they can provide for their families as well. My goal is to have a business that will be known across the country by 2030.