Zambia: Betty Mushunga

Zambia: Betty Mushunga

Date: November 9, 2016
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My name is Betty Mushunga.  I have learnt that I can do something to change my life style with my 5 children. I can start a business small or big alone or in a group. The village where I stay is near town and electricity is connected there. I have land but I did not know what was happening in Mumbwa.  To be in a big town I learnt from the council that I must have a letter from the Head man which I did and to pay K155 to the council office which I am about to do so that I have a right to sell a piece of my land to raise money to start my own business where I stay in Nkolomona village.

I joined the training in September 2014 after I was interviewed by one of the GL staff members. I attended two workshops and have found the two trainings useful.  I was unable to attend the last one because communication did not get to me in time since I live in the village now.  What I found most useful is that I was taught through the session on the tree of life to stand up and do something about my life. To do even that which men do to change my life and help myself, my family and the community. I am a volunteer at the MDH ART clinic. I learnt to have documentation for my piece of land during the training.  My challenges were that I live far away in the village but had to squat with someone in order to attend the workshops. GL should consider accommodation for those who live far in order for them to benefit from this important training.  The council assisted by providing useful information.

Before the training I worked at a motel for 10 years and volunteered at the hospital for 3 years.  I am still volunteering at the MDH ART clinic.  I have bought a piece of land and I am now trying to sell part of it so that I can raise capital to start my own business. Yes the training helped me to think of becoming financially independent. The training involving the tree of life really helped me to understand my strength as a person. The council assisted me very much because they provided me with useful information on what was happening in Mumbwa, especially the workshop and how to go about getting title to my land.

Yes I was experiencing violence from my man.  When I got pregnant my man hated me so much and told me that he was not ready to make me his wife, he shouted at me saying “get out of my house.”  I am no longer experiencing violence because I am now single.  I now always refuse men because of what I have passed through.  I am preparing to start my own business. Yes there is a change in the way I relate with my children, family members and the community. My children and family are encouraging me to work hard towards becoming self-reliant.  I have managed to keep two of my children in school but failed to pay school fees for my two sons and daughter who did very well at grade 12 and grade nine respectively. The three children are now working to raise school fees.

There is indeed change at community level that is why now I am working at MDH ART clinic because I want to give quality care for the community.  The clinic has known that I can give a good service after seeing how I have changed.

I have learnt that I have a right to do a business of my own and if anyone disturbs me, I can report them to the police.  I also know that I can get a document for my land from the council. I know that before starting the business I need to find a market gap and budget to control my business.  I talk to my children and some members of the community about GBV and its consequences.  By 2030 I will start a business and become a very big business lady in order to help my family and the community.  I will take my children to college.

I would like to say thank you to the GL Team.  Continue with this spirit.

God bless you!