Zimbabwe: Clara Magozore

Zimbabwe: Clara Magozore

Date: May 19, 2016
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I vividly remember the day I was assaulted by my mother in law Ruramai Moyo for the offence of failing to conceive a baby. She did that to force me to accept my husband’s second wife. My mother in law was biased towards the second wife because she was pregnant at the time she joined the family. She used to call me a barren woman and accused me of wasting family resources and failed to reward them with children. My husband so understood and he accepted my situation and he loved me whole heartedly.

When I met Gender Links in 2013 they counseled me and my life changed because the hope that was lost had been restored. They instructed me to stop living on the past and move forward with my life. I listened to the advice and I successfully put into productive use the time I used to waste sitting down eating my heart out over my past. All the plans of retaliation were erased from my mind and the space was occupied with knowledge.

The realisation that my husband was snatched away from me by another woman who was claiming to be rich gave me the strength to work hard to better myself. Her plans worked out well because of the greediness of my mother in law. Later on they discovered that they were tricked and the woman only wanted to earn my husband’s heart and the support of my mother in law by presenting herself as a financially well up person. The failure to conceive a baby amid lack of income made me an outcast and was living like a prisoner in my matrimonial home.

Coincidentally Gender Links came at a time when I was planning to fight for my independence through empowering myself economically but I was devoid of the skill to implement my ideas. The entrepreneurship training came as a solution and furnished me with the ability to get things done. Sister Thandi told me that my goals are not just going to happen because I am wishing but I must put my thoughts into action. The statement keeps on ringing bells in my mind and encourages me to work hard. It occurred to me that my mother in law abused me because I was not self reliant and was living at her house.

I came up with my business plan during the entrepreneurship training and I managed to raise capital and launched my small business. My business involved selling meat and electric gadgets. The local abattoir supplied me with meat and I broke the bulk and sold it in small portions. As for the electrical gadgets I obtained them from cross border traders on discount and sell them at local market price. The business generated profit and I continued in the same line of business to date.

After my mother in law realised that I was now doing something for a living she turned the tables and rallied behind me. She began to abuse my husband’s second wife accusing her of destroying his son’s marriage. She told my husband’s second wife that her baby was not sired by his son and she must leave immediately to the man responsible. I saw it unfit to live in a violent and quarrelling environment, hence my decision to move out to secure my own accommodation. My mother in law recently chased my husband’s second wife and she is now always bringing me goodies to mend our broken relationship.

Economic independence restored peace in my home and my mother in law now treats me with respect. With time I wish to set up a grocery shop. If the situation permits I have plans to obtain a loan so as to realise my business goals.

The transformation that took place in my life did not go unnoticed because my aunt and her friend approached me to know what really transpired. I told them my story and I gave them the notes I was given during the entrepreneurship training. These two women were motivated and they started their own small businesses but their wish to start working with Gender Links is yet to be fulfilled.

They were so touched when I demonstrated to them my vast business knowledge and computer skills. Since then they are willing to be part of the programme so that they will enjoy financial freedom like other women.

Gender Links transformed me into a strong woman who works long hours. The business of selling perishables demands full commitment and marketing skills to remain in business. This I gained through my engagement with Gender Links and I am determined to move forward until I met my life objectives.