Zimbabwe: Daliah Dadirai Musasiwa – Musa Chickens

Date: August 2, 2018
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2014: Daliah Musasiwa’s marriage cost her career but Gender Links (GL) empowered her to be self sufficient and economically powerful. The organisation rescued her from destitution and furnished her with entrepreneurial skills which have proven to be the cornerstone of her livelihood. Musasiwa’s husband, James, forced her to leave her job against her will. She complied simply because she wanted to save her marriage. She was in a dilemma as she was to choose either her marriage or her career. The situation caused her to put her job on the line. The dependency syndrome then caught up with her and showed her its ugly face.

James took advantage of the fact that she was no longer working as he stopped providing for the children. The burden of ensuring good welfare of the children became her responsibility, an unemployed woman not by choice but as dictated by her husband. Her employed husband earned money every month but he spent it on beer while the family languished in poverty. He used his money on extra marital affairs and his girlfriends even insulted her on the phone bragging about the money they were getting from her husband. The situation impacted negatively on the children’s education because their school fees were always being paid late. The children were not getting what they wanted for their well-being and their father even verbally insulted them. She was living like a prisoner in her own house.

Her encounter with GL coincided with the entrepreneurship training programme. She received US$75 for transport reimbursement and meals during the workshop. She used the money to set up her small business where she sold eggs, sausages and mince meat. It somehow helped her to be self sufficient. The business was successful because she applied the skills attained during the entrepreneurship training. She saved money from profits to pursue a poultry business she had in mind. With the savings she got from her small business she constructed a fowl run and purchased feeding and drinking troughs. She has plans to grow her business to greater levels whereby she will supply renowned companies with big and healthy chickens.

Progress: GL made Musasiwa start her business after the entrepreneurship training. She is doing well because she believes that she is capable. She has stayed in the same area ever since she started her business. She has been able to buy gadgets such as a big deep freezer to keep the slaughtered birds because of the project’s success. She is getting plenty of orders in her business. Some people come from faraway places to buy or even place orders in advance. She is contended in finding new markets for her business. She currently has a bank account and her business is growing. Musasiwa believes that she is doing a lot to the community through sharing gender based violence information which she obtained from GL. She currently considers herself as an influential person within her community. She gives credit to GL for fostering some entrepreneurial skills that she has used to economically empower herself with. Musasiwa said that it was a very big challenge to access funds to start her business as she did not have anything as collateral needed by financial institutions. However, she managed to start small and got some soft loans from friends which she had since managed to repay. She is using space at her home to run her small business. She finds market from the community and she easily keeps her financial records.

After the training Musasiwa acquired some basic computer skills though she has not managed to buy one. She has an email address, Facebook and google accounts after the entrepreneurship training. These assist her business very much as she can now communicate with her clients and other business partners. She even markets her business through some social applications like WhatsApp groups.