Zimbabwe: Katazeni Mafuka

Zimbabwe: Katazeni Mafuka

Date: May 17, 2016
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My name is Katazeni Mafuka. Men and women should be treated equally. No one is superior to the other and no one should be taken advantage of because of their gender. I was taught not look down upon myself by Gender Links (GL). I joined GL in August 2013. I only managed to attend phase one of the training. The other two phases I could not attend as I had relocated to my rural areas and it was costly for me to attend. GL taught me that I can do what any other person can do and I cannot be restricted because of my gender.

I used to sale vegetables along the Harare Bulawayo highway. I was struggling to support the family from this business. After attending the first course, I started saving money with the aim of starting something big. From the little I had saved I started buying and selling second hand clothes. I would buy the clothes from Harare and sale them in Chegutu. I learnt that it is important to keep records of my business and to carry out market research. I started practicing the concepts in my business. The challenge I was having is that my husband always wanted to know where I will be even when doing my business. I stopped the business after it was no longer viable; the market was flooded with cheap clothes. My funds were tied in stock and so I went out of business till to date. At the moment I am doing nothing because I have no capital.

I managed to get custody of my two children from my first marriage after being assisted by Justice for Children. I am struggling to support my family. The family of my former husband still insults me on the phone. They still want to have custody of our children. I have not helped change the way the society treats me especially after my business failed. They still see me as a failure.

I am looking for capital to restart my business of buying and selling clothes. I will apply all the concepts as taught by Gender Links. By the year 2030 I will be a business person with clothing shops. I thank Gender Links for their efforts. The organisation inspired me to change my situation. I wish they will keep assisting us and others who are in desperate situations. I wish if they can also assist by giving us capital to start projects.