Zimbabwe: Mildret Mango – Nenyasha Fresh Farm Produce

Date: August 3, 2018
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Mildret Mango got married in 1995 at the age of 21. Her aunt had given her some lectures concerning marriage before she went to stay with her husband, Evans. She was also lucky that her in-laws were very supportive of their union thus she opened everything to them. Evans dated different women all the time. She heard all kinds of stories about him and other women from the same village and would tell his parents who would warn him to stop but he would not. Her in-laws encouraged her to stay in the relationship with the hope that one day he was going to come back to his senses and change his wayward behaviour. Remembering her aunt’s advice, she stayed put. She never knew what happiness was because she never enjoyed her marriage.

Evans got another wife who did not get his parents blessings. Her husband and the second wife relocated to another place only to return when he was ill. He apologised and they lived as a couple. However, Evans denied his wife her conjugal rights because he had started his wayward behaviour once more. Mango joined a club of aggrieved women who then got in touch with Gender Links (GL) who had started the entrepreneurship programme. She was very much interested with the programme and she never looked back. Some business ideas, plans and proposals were drafted finally leading to her venturing into fresh farm produce selling. Her horticulture business is thriving and expanding making her a household name within the community.

The GL training made Mango started her business after the entrepreneurship training. She is doing well because she believes that she is capable. She has stayed in the same area ever since she started her business. She has been able to buy small and big items such as kitchen utensils, a refrigerator and a television set because of the project’s success. She is getting plenty of orders in her business. She has also managed to hire some staff because of the project’s success. Some people who come from faraway places to buy her fresh farm produce or even place orders in advance. She is contended in not finding new markets for her produce. She currently has a bank account and her business is growing.

Mango believes that she is doing a lot to the community through sharing gender based violence information which she obtained from GL. She currently considers herself as an influential person with her community. She gives credit to GL for fostering some entrepreneurial skills that she has used to economically empower herself with. Mango said that it was a challenge to access funds to start her business as she did not have anything as collateral needed by financial institutions. She is using space at her home to run her small business. She finds market from the community and she easily keeps her financial records. After the training Mango acquired some basic computer skills though she has not managed to buy one. She has now set up her email address, twitter, Facebook and google accounts after the entrepreneurship training. These assist her business very much as she can now communicate with her clients and other business partners. She even markets her business through some social applications like WhatsApp groups.