Zimbabwe: Nyaradzo Masamba – Vatsunga Tuckshop

Date: August 3, 2018
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Nyaradzo Masamba became tired of being intimidated, harassed and threatened by her late husband’s brother that she resolved to relocate to her family home in Zvimba Rural District from Gweru urban. She has been staying in Zvimba ever since 2000 when her eldest son who is now aged 21 was 3 years then, and the other one now aged 18, was only 3months old. She worked hard on a farm to raise her two children. They are now big boys who do not have a single memory of their father. Her late husband’s benefits from his former company were all taken and shared amongst his brothers. Not even one paternal relative assisted her in raising her two children.

However, she was lucky to be aware of the entrepreneurship training that Gender Links (GL) was offering and she quickly joined. She never looked back after finding that the training was very beneficial. She is now able to use a computer and other modern technological gadgets because of Gender Links. GL made Masamba start her business after the entrepreneurship training. She is doing well because she believes that she is capable. She has stayed in Zvimba selling her wares at the bus terminus ever since she started her business. She has been able to buy cattle and a residential stand because of the project’s success. She is being an influential person to others in her community. She has not hired anyone to assist her in her business with the exception of her children who regularly help her. She cannot increase the size of her market place because it is council property. She currently has a bank account and her business is growing.

Masamba believes that she is doing a lot to the community through sharing gender based violence information which she obtained from GL. She currently considers herself as an influential person within her community. Her business is thriving. She gives credit to GL for fostering some entrepreneurial skills that she has used to economically empower herself with. Masamba said that it was not a challenge to access funds to start her business as she was assisted by her relatives to raise capital to kick start her business. She has since managed to repay what she owed her relatives. She easily keeps her financial records. After the training Masamba acquired some basic computer skills. She does not have access to a computer as the internet shops charge high prices to access them. She does not have any of the following: email address, Facebook and google accounts even after the entrepreneurship training. She views the above as very modern gadgets and is not keen to use them.