Zimbabwe: Sharai Manyetu

Zimbabwe: Sharai Manyetu

Date: May 18, 2016
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Gender Links (GL) training programme taught me not to look down upon myself and to interact with people in the society. GL came and looked for me and became a friend in deed. I am moved by their love and grateful for the manner in which they taught me new things in my life.

I joined GL training on the 28th of October 2013. I managed to attend all the courses. The most important thing I got from the training programme is that I have potential to do better in life and that I have my own rights. I now know that I have to stand for my rights. I am now optimistic about life. All the things we were taught are useful in my life. I cannot say there was anything least useful, because the things are relevant in my life. I did not face challenges during training. The tutors were patient with us and managed to accommodate all of us.

I had started the business of buying and selling soft drinks before I joined the training programme. I lacked business know how and this would affect the flow of my business. I am still doing the same business but this time I am applying business concepts. I now know how to handle my business finances. I am now running the business like a standalone entity. I am having great customer care and this is creating customer loyalty. The training has helped me to be where I am today with my business. The business performance is now much better than before the training programme. The Chiredzi council gave us their property for the training programme. They also gave us access to the internet and their computer equipment. The other organisation that assisted me is Musasa Project.

I experience gender based violence from my husband since fro the time we got married. The violence has been reduced in my marriage as l now know where to go and to get help. The changes in my life have made it possible for me to fit in well in the community. I am now interacting with many people. I am also sharing with others my story and they are inspired. Some of them are coming to me for assistance on matters relating to domestic violence and businesses. I am also fighting ignorance in the society by educating others through the knowledge I got from the training. Some people’s lives are changing; the society is slowly becoming business minded. Some women are interested to join the GL training programme because they are seeing the magnitude of the changes in my life.

I learnt about target marketing, whereby you concentrate on identifying the needs of a certain group of people. After identifying the needs of this focus group you will then start selling your products to them. I have been applying this concept in my business and the results are pleasing to me. I will continue to apply the concept in my business. I also learnt about managing cash flows, business planning, budgeting and records keeping. I will continue to apply the skills in my business. I expect my business to continue growing. By the year 2030 I will be having a well-established business. My aim is to have a business that makes news in the country.

I wish GL keeps doing the great work and reach out to others who are in need. I wish if they can help us to find finances for our businesses. I will use the knowledge I got from the training to progress in my life. I thank GL for not wasting our time; they taught me not to waste my time on things which cannot help me. I thank the organisation for their efforts. My wish is that we should be given certificates to show that we completed the training programme.