Zimbabwe: Sibonginkosi Moyo – Fortune Faith Sewing Services

Date: August 3, 2018
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Sibonginkosi first entered into a love relationship with a man she thought was single yet he was married. She only learnt that he was married after being told by his sisters. She tried to run away but he caught up with her, beat her and raped her. She still has a visible mark on her face that she got after sustaining a deep cut on her face from the beating.  She finally managed to return to her parents’ place.

She later got involved with a friend’s brother who later married her before leaving for South Africa. There was no communication with her husband whilst he was based in neighbouring South Africa. When he returned after a long time, he was very abusive and at times he instructed her to use a candle for sexual gratification. Her son from that marriage is doing well at school. Her husband does not fend for the family nor pay for their son’s fees.

Sibonginkosi got some entrepreneurship training from Gender Links (GL) and ever since she has not looked back. She is good at sewing and that has made her life a lot easier because she now has overwhelming orders from her many customers.

The entrepreneuership training made Moyo start a business of her own. She has managed to do well because she believes that she is very capable. She has been able to buy gadgets such as a refrigerator and a state of the art sewing machine because of the project’s success. She is getting plenty of orders in her sewing business such that some small to medium companies are even placing some orders. Some companies had proposed to partner with her. She currently has a bank account and her business is growing. Moyo believes that she is doing a lot to the community through sharing gender based violence information which she obtained from GL. She currently considers herself as an influential person within her community. She gives credit to GL for fostering some entrepreneurial skills that she has used to economically empower herself with. Moyo said that it was not a challenge to access funds to start her business as she easily got a soft loan from a local financial institution which she has since repaid. She is using some space at her home to run her small business. She finds market from the community and she easily keeps her financial records. After the training Moyo acquired some basic computer skills. She now has email address, twitter, Facebook and google accounts after the entrepreneurship training. This has assisted her business very much as she can now communicate with her clients and other business partners.