Zimbabwe: Sinikiwe Hove

Zimbabwe: Sinikiwe Hove

Date: May 18, 2016
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Bad memories turned into happy beginning of a new life

The name Gender Links (GL) brings good memories of how my life will be like in the future. It also brings happiness and peace of mind in me and my family. Learning on how to start businesses and manage them to work was the most experience l enjoyed in the training. Re-building of self-confidence was an added advantage as I will use it to source more customers which will make my business grow. I had a wonderful change in my life after I met Gender Links and was educated.

I got to know about Gender Links through Msasa Project after they helped me solving problems I was having with my husband. Gender Links came in our council I was then selected to be part of the women to benefit from their programme. I attended all the courses which were offered by Gender Links without any problems. I found everything we learn very useful because I gained a lot of skills which l did not have or used in my previous business.

Before I started training I had a clothing business which I was running under loss due to lack of knowledge. I had no idea how to manage my funds and by this it leads to the collapse of that business. My marketing strategies were very poor because mostly I would only keep my stock and wait for people to ask if I had anything. In our first meeting with GL, that was my new beginning as I was fortunate to get my capital from the money I was given by GL. I kept the money until I attended my first course. I applied the knowledge and started a new business which l did a market survey and found very effective here in my community of Chiredzi. I am now making cleaning detergents which are sunlight liquid, toilet cleaner, shampoo and car wash cleaner. This business is making profits and the benefits are enjoyable as I am now affording to send my children to school without struggling to pay school fees.  Going for some days without food is now history in my home. My family is now happy and we now live a healthy life. All this come possible after Gender Links helped me with the best weapon for success which is knowledge.

In my marriage I experienced gender based violence from my husband. He never wanted to take responsibility of his family. My husband did not want to work and he had to run away from home as a sign of not wanting to support his family. Gender based violence has stopped since he has not come home yet from where he is staying with another woman. This is not affecting me and the children because we are managing life without his help.

To my close relatives my change has motivated them so that those ones in businesses now seek advice from me. In family gatherings I am now invited and being given the chance to put my contributions. The most exciting party about this is most of my advice I am giving in these gathering, after some time my family is always happy after following my advice. This is possible after all the knowledge I got from Gender Links. Based on experience I believe being economically empowered as a woman reduces violence.

 I learnt to work hard and provide for my family which has stopped violence in my marriage. I learnt to be presentable as a way of marketing my business. Keeping business profits and having business records are some of the tips l mastered from the training. In addition to this I have also learnt the greatest aspect of studying my customer’s needs.  My future plans include supplying cleaning detergents to big companies and buying a car. In 2030 I would want to own a house and have a warehouse for my products waiting for delivery. To Gender Linls I would like to thank you for the love u have showed us as gender based violence survivors.