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Date: April 24, 2012
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What would you like to see included in the SADC Gender protocol addendum on climate change? We caught up with seven summit participants and this is what they had to say (Note that this is the view of the participants and not those of the institutions that they are representing)

Eddy Jolicoeur: Mauritius
Basically, all the summits that we have had on climate change have been a series of flops because some members do not take the issue seriously. I am looking forward to a time when climate change issues will be given the seriousness that they deserve.

Esther Kethomilwe: Botswana
I would like to see climate change discussions tackling issues affecting people at grassroots level. The key thing is to localize the discussions as much as possible. We should come up with a document that speaks specifically to the needs of Southern Africa. This is a bold step in trying to find solutions in a way that benefits us.

Julio Langa: Mozambique
The protocol addendum should have strong mechanisms to monitor implementation. One of the great challenges we have in Mozambique is accountability. Sometimes we have good plans, good policies, but these policies are not necessarily translated into concrete activities. Gender Links should support local organisations to ensure that change happens

Sharonice Busch: Namibia
In 2015, in accordance with the SADC protocol, a mutual inclusive policy on climate change that seeks to address the gendered dimensions of climate change is what I am hoping for as civil society pushes for the addendum on climate change. Decentralized engagement should take place, to ensure all stakeholders have a full understanding of how climate change impacts GBV.

Matumelo Agnes: Lesotho
I would like to see a region where women and men are able to enjoy their civil liberties. A world where all forms of discriminations, not just discrimination on the basis of sex in the enjoyment of civil, economy social and cultural rights and specific rights of particular concerns to women and girls, but issues pertaining to climate change. The gendered dimensions of climate change should be brought out for discussion.

Meghanaiyegee Venketasamy Veerachetty: Mauritius
By 2015, I’ll love to live in world where all souls are connected to the universe, living in harmony with nature. Women and men equally.

Glen Mhango: South Africa
I would like to see everyone being well informed about climate change. The media be it TVs station, radio, newspapers should focus more on climate change in they reporting. Because climate change is now controlling people instead of people controlling it. Education system should incorporate a curriculum or subject on climate change so that learners/students can understand the dangers of climate change.



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