Change is the end result of all true learning

Change is the end result of all true learning

Date: April 5, 2020
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Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

I work as a Finance and Monitoring and Evaluation (M and E)  officer for the Gender Links (GL) Botswana Office. As a finance officer, my main role entails budgeting, processing payments, monthly reconciliations and give support during audits. For the M and E role, I am tasked with collecting and capturing of GL M and E data, capturing events and monitoring GL on the news.  I have been with Gender Links for 6 years now..

The most important learning experience that I have learnt with Gender links is learning to plan for everything that I do. I have learnt to plan my day accordingly and that makes my work easier and more enjoyable. Every day when I start my day, I list down everything that I want to do on the given day, and then I arrange them according to their priority. I have realised that I enjoy working early in the morning when I get to work. I spend most of my mornings working on things that need most of my attention.

2018 was a blessing and joyful year for me. This is the year that I got married. Preparations and planning of my wedding day were just flowing as I have learnt a lot from my work. The budgeting and financial skills I learnt at GL helped me to distribute the small monies that we had. When it came to planning and financials my husband knew that, everything will run smoothly when I am under control. The décor, tent, catering, venue were all planned and paid for well on time.  Once again, I would like to Thank GL for all the skills I have learnt during my stay here. I have really learnt a lot. I am grateful to GL for polishing my skills.

Of the six summits that I have organised with GL Botswana I must say that the 2019 summit was the most successful one because we adapted to working under pressure and finding solutions to all issues as they emerged. This time we had new interesting categories SRHR and youth, where different organisations, individuals, or government departments displayed the work they do on issues of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.

My experience as part of the observer team for Botswana 2019 Elections was an eye opener. Previously I was not that into politics but last year gave me an opportunity to get involved through training women in politics. I was happy that most women we trained were successful at the elections and some have been appointed ministers.

I have learnt a lot from every single one of my colleagues especially Gomolemo Rasesigo, not only was she my supervisor but a big sister to me. Whenever I had a challenge or when my moral was low she would pick it up. She believed in my capabilities and she always encouraged me to work hard even on the difficult times. I was very nervous when Gomolemo left the organisation I thought changing managers would be challenging but instead it brought growth in my career. Onneetse Makhumalo joined the GL Botswana office and she is a great manager. We are still getting to know each other’s ways of working. Looking forward to working and getting to know her.

Bhekiwe, What a manager! He has taught me to be professional at all times. In accounting, we always learn new things and he is the best mentor to share this knowledge with us. I have come to conclude that life lessons are drawn from the everyday interactions and situations whether good or bad. I will forever be grateful for the amazing team officers from all countries for being very helpful during difficult times especially Ricardo and Ntolo. Our WhatsApp chats are very helpful are very helpful during hard times.

For year 2020 we will be working with Men and boys For Gender Equality, We are expanding the sunrise campaign to include men care program. This means training both men and women to end gender based violence. We will be working with councils on their action plans to include the men care program. This will be an interesting learning journey as I will be interacting with men and hearing life challenges. We have already created a good working relation with Men and Boys.

by Keletso Serole, Botswana Finance and Admin officer


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