Seminar on the SADC protocol on Gender and Development _Mauritius_16102012 _6__JPGGL has a well established gender and governance programme and since 2005 has been working concertedly in the area of gender and local government starting with conducting baseline studies in this under-researched area. GL now has comprehensive data on gender and local government for ten SADC countries (Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

Gender inequality is deeply ingrained in all sectors and areas of society, especially at the local government level which is at the coalface of service delivery and it takes concerted effort by individuals and organisations to redress these imbalances. The UNDP defines gender mainstreaming as: “Taking account of gender equality in all policy, programme, administrative and financial activities and in organisational procedures, thereby contributing to a profound organisational transformation.” Addressing gender inequalities in local government involves internal transformation as well as integrating gender considerations into key tools of governance.

GL has been working closely with local councils in the region developing gender and gender based violence strategies and action plans and has been providing councils with training and support. Over the years the organisation has developed a high level of expertise and a number of policy and training resources in this area placing GL in an appropriate position to offer support to councils who would like to mainstream gender internally within the organisation and externally through their service delivery mandate.

Gender Links employs the methodology of building capacity as part of policy development. This means that throughout the process staff and management are involved in workshops where they develop gender strategies tailored to the specific needs of their departments. The result of this inclusive methodology is better buy-in to the whole process and more capacity and awareness within the organisation.

GL has been working with the City of Johannesburg, one of the main municipalities in South Africa, over the last few years to develop their gender policy and to assist them in mainstreaming gender throughout the organisation. Scroll down and read the articles below.

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