Marie-AnneLagane_GL-WIPSU5050launch_Harare_TD_040811_JPGOne of the core functions of Gender Links is to conduct research in the key areas of, gender and the media, governance and justice, which is then used to inform policy and advocacy initiatives. Over the years Gender Links has built a reputation of providing good quality relevant research in its core areas. As a result GL has been approached by and partnered with a range of organisations on research projects, including, amongst others, the UNIFEM, Electoral Institute of Southern Africa (EISA), the National Democratic Institute (NDI), UNDP Swaziland.

Advocacy and policy development needs to be informed by credible research order to be relevant.

The research is both quantitative and qualitative and makes use of document review processes, in depth interviews, case studies and profiles. Some of the research GL has conducted with partners includes:

  • Violence prevention models, UNIFEM
  • Gender in Swaziland, UNDP Swaziland
  • Enhancing Women’s Political Party Participation in Botswana and Lesotho, NDI
  • Consolidating Democratic Governance in the SADC Region: Gender Equality And Electoral Processes, EISA

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