2010: What’s your view?

2010: What’s your view?

Date: July 2, 2010
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As all eyes are on South Africa during the 2010 World Cup, it is essential that we know what those eyes are seeing and what their views are.

At the centre of the work of the GMDC is the collection of knowledge and perspectives from the region. As 2010 is an event that it said to be of epic proportions for “Africa”, the GMDC asks: “what’s your take on it?”

We are looking for perspectives from South Africa, the SADC region, the African Continent and beyond.

Gender Links has already been running a 2010 News Service, with the support of OXFAM GB. This service is aimed at providing   interesting stories and radio content on a daily basis specifically from community journalists who are   engaging with people at local level. Following on this initiative, we seek inputs from students, academics, activists, and anyone with a perspective on how 2010 has affected them and the communities around them.

For more information contact Deborah Walter on +27 (0)73 132-7032 or email editor@genderlinks.org.za.

Click here for the GL Commentary Service.

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