Cold bloody murder-The Voice-141011

Date: October 27, 2011
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Name of story : Cold bloody murder

Name of Journalist : Kabelo Dipholo

Name of Publication : The Voice

Date : 141011

Country : Botswana

Theme : Child abuse, children

Skills : Sources

Genre : News

Gem Classification : Gender aware

Description :

30 year old Bulayani, and his lover, Olekantse Modisagape of Block 3 in Gaborone violently punished Nathaniel , a standard seven pupil for coming home late from school , until in a moment of madness , Modisagape grabbed a hammer , which he used to crack open the boys skull.

Not satisfied with the ammount of pain they had inflicted on the helpless boy, the crazed couple whose diaries reveal tormented souls, tied the bleeding Nathaniels hands to the rafters of a shack for the night while his tied together legs danged below.

When they opened the shack the following morning , the lovers are said to have continued beating   the boy until they finally snuffed out his life in front of his traumatised nine year old sister.


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