Gender and Media (GEM) Summit and Awards Submissions 2010

Gender and Media (GEM) Summit and Awards Submissions 2010

Date: October 10, 2010
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Media, Diversity and Change: Taking Stock
Date: 13-15 October 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa

Gender Links, MISA and GEMSA are extending the deadline for submission of the Gender and Media awards 2010 to 3 SEPTEMBER 2010 following the overwhelming response from some countries and a slower response from others. The deadline has been extended in the interest of fairness and to ensure there is equitable regional representation in all categories.

Due to time constraints the awards will no longer be held at national level but at the Fourth Gender and Media Summit and Awards in Johannesburg from the 13-15 October 2010. The awards include a cash prize and attendance at the summit.

To register online for the summit, please click here.

Entries may be submitted for good media practice and for good institutional practices on gender and HIV and AIDS. Eligible dates have been changed from 1 May 2006 to 15 July 2010 (as opposed to 1 April) to make allowance for coverage of Soccer 2010. Please see attached call for more information on the awards as well as the relevant application forms below. You can fill in the forms online or download the relevant application forms. Submission of awards may be made in country to the sites identified in the attached call. In addition, Gender Links, MISA and GEMSA will be holding consultative workshops in 14 countries between the 4 August and the 3 September to canvass the findings of the Gender and Media Progress Study (GMPS), follow up to the 2003 Gender and Media Baseline Study (GMBS) and the Gender in Media Education (GIME) research. During these workshops there will people available to assist in filling the relevant application forms. All you need to bring are the required artifacts. Please see the schedule below to see when the team will be in your country.






Aug, 12-13


Aug, 12-16


Aug, 19-20


Aug, 30-31


Aug, 30-31

South Africa

Aug, 4


Sept, 2-3


Sept, 2-3


Blantyre Aug, 30-31; Lilongwe 2-3 Sept


Aug, 30-31


Aug, 26 -27


Aug, 26-27


Aug, 26-27


Harare Aug, 17-18; Bulawayo 19-2


Contact Thabani Mpofu on or call +27 11 622 2877 for information on where the meeting will be held. Two of the institutional gender and HIV and AIDS awards relate to leadership. Participants at the workshops will be requested to nominate candidates for the gender and HIV and AIDS leadership awards at the workshops. Participants will vote on the nominations and a maximum two candidates will go to the regional final in each category.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Thabani Mpofu on or call +27 11 622 2877.

Gender and Media Awards 2010 information (Download Word documents)
Call for submission
Gender and Media awards application form

Progressive leadership and institutional practice: HIV and AIDS, Gender and Media Awards (Download Word documents)
Call for entries
HIV and Aids and Gender Leadership award application form
HIV and AIDS and Media Institutional awards application form
HIV and AIDS and Gender Institutional awards application form

Online application forms: Please click on your country to submit the form

Gender and Media Awards HIV and AIDS and Gender Leadership Awards
HIV and AIDS and Media Institutional Awards
Gender and Media Institutional Awards
Angola Angola Angola Angola
Botswana Botswana Botswana Botswana
Lesotho Lesotho Lesotho Lesotho
Madagascar Madagascar Madagascar Madagascar
Malawi Malawi Malawi Malawi
Mauritius Mauritius Mauritius Mauritius
Mozambique Mozambique Mozambique Mozambique
Namibia Namibia Namibia Namibia
Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles
South Africa South Africa South Africa South Africa
Swaziland Swaziland Swaziland Swaziland
Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania
Zambia Zambia Zambia Zambia
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe



Download : Gender and Media Awards - Call for submissions
Download : Gender and Media awards - Application form

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