Media and Gender Monitor: Issue 22

Date: May 31, 2011
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This issue of the Media and Gender Monitor, a World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) production, brings together the global and regional plans of action developed in the context of the Global Media Monitoring Project. The plans highlight specific actions for each set of change agents-media decision makers, practitioners, journalism training institutions and civil society groups, among others.

The global action plan is intended to accelerate the pace of change as well as also re-direct progress to areas of media policy and practice that constrain advancement towards more gender-just news media. The regional action plans underscore areas identified as key for special follow-up by the respective GMMP networks. In this issue as well are stories of some of the ways in which the networks continue to demonstrate their commitment to the plans in practice. It is the hope that the action plans will speak to and resonate with readers in their specific locations as news media professionals, audiences, trainers, researchers, activists and others engaged in particular ways with news media. It also contains some stories from national and regional coordinators of the GMMP research. An online version is available here

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