Media COE’s Training of Trainers – 12-15 February 2012

Media COE’s Training of Trainers – 12-15 February 2012

Date: February 3, 2012
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As GL moves ahead with efforts to mainstream gender in media institutional practice and content, a training of trainers (TOT) workshop will take place from 12-15 February 2012. This workshop aims to explore best strategies for providing support and backstopping to media COEs. Between 2010 and 2011, GL worked with media houses on gender policy development. This coming phase of the project involves implementation of the gender policies and ensuring that media houses work towards the SADC Gender Protocol target of gender parity in the media by 2015.

GL brings together country facilitators from all participating countries to draw action plans and agree on materials and tools going forward. This workshop will also prepare participants for the in-house monitoring project which will take place in March and April. The workshop will therefore familiarize the facilitators with the self-monitoring tool which media houses will use to monitor themselves in March.

The main output of this exercise will be country action plans with key dates for the capacity building workshops. GL has just finished working on a COE training manual. This will be presented to the facilitators and the different modules discussed in greater detail at the training workshop.


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