Nandos “Last Dictator Standing” advert

Nandos “Last Dictator Standing” advert

Date: December 13, 2011
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If there is any one company whose advertising one has to keep up with, it has to be Nandos. The company is known to create adverts that are controversial. But surely, they take the cup for being creative. A few weeks ago they made fun of South African politics, the Protection of Information Bill (POIB), by releasing a blacked-out ad after the bill passed through South Africa’s National Assembly.

Their latest controversial advert called “Last Dictator Standing” ( has since been pulled out after ZANU PF supporters came out strongly to say that they were going to mobilise the youth to boycott Nandos. On Saturday 10 December, the YouTube video had been viewed 534,613 times.

To the sounds of Mary Hopkin’s Those were the days, my friend, the advert shows “Mugabe” daydreaming about the good old days, at play with various other revolutionary leaders. According to it must be lonely at Robert Mugabe’s during the holidays. That’s the premise of a new ad from South Africa-based fast-food chain Nando’s, which has scored a viral hit by depicting Zimbabwe’s President (or rather, a look-alike) all alone at a festive dinner table once crowded with his fellow dictators. Luckily, memories of sunnier days past – making sand angels with Saddam Hussein, karaoke with Chairman Mao, hitting the swings with P.W. Botha – keep Mugabe’s spirits up. (So does, presumably, the promise of a delicious Nando’s 6-Pack Meal, which includes 1 ½ flame-grilled chickens, two large portions of fries, a pile of bread and some Liqui-Fruit for the equivalent of about $20.50.)

Sarah Britten notes that the advert is one of the best social media campaign. She points out that the advert is based on good content that draws on international politics thus giving it a global appeal. In addition, the advert tells you how to enter a competition using the Twitter #Mealfor6. The creators went on to share the advert with bloggers who have blogged about it including Huffington post blogging about it. She concludes by saying that, “So, in a funny way, if the Nando’s Meal for 6 campaign demonstrates anything, it’s that social media is the best thing ever to happen to the 30 second TV ad. To read Britten’s analysis, click here.

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