Womens month in South Africa

Date: July 30, 2010
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Women’s Day in South Africa, August 9th, commemorates the day in 1956 when women from across all races and classes marched to the Union Buildings in protest against oppressive apartheid laws. This historic march has been viewed as a turning point in the struggle for women’s freedom. However, it is important to take stock and see where women stand in 2010, and if, after 60 years, women have finally become equal members of society.

The past year has been ripe with gender issues regarding women’s empowerment. From Jacob Zuma and polygamy to Caser Semenya and gender testing the FIFA 2010 World Cup and its impact on women. In order to make progress in the future, it is important that we look at the past, reflect on this last year, and pave new ways forward.

Gender Links, working with with David Raolane, Senior Librarian at the City of Joberg in Ennerdale, is planning to have a programme for 20 women from the communiy on the following issues.

1. Domestic violence
2. Sexual harrassment
3. Women’s illiteracy
4. Verbal abuse and how to report it

To celebrate Women’s Month, the GMDC will be hosting a seminar on sex and identity on August 25th, 2010.

As always, the GMDC is seeking new and vibrant perspectives on the status of women in South Africa. If you would like to contribute to our Opinion and Commentary Service, please email Danny Glenwright at Editor@genderlinks.org.za.

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