World Journalism Education Congress

World Journalism Education Congress

Date: July 26, 2010
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“I’m a young female journalist and all of these things are happening in front of us and all of that has happened to me. I have made a decision that in the next 2 years I am leaving. When I go to PR, I will have the piece of mind to not be subjected to all of this. I loved, I wanted to be a journalist, but when I worked, it changed, it just changed.À
-Female participant, WJEC

This quote echoes some of the sentiments and fears expressed at the Gender in Media Syndicate Session at the World Journalism Education Congress. It s precisely women opting to leave the feild of Journalism that the GIME is trying to understand and combat.

The GMDC, in partnership with UNESCO, hosted a syndicate session at the WJEC on gender in media education. The findings of the Gender in Media Education Audit were explored, with specific case studies from the Polytechnic of Namibia and the University of Namibia. There were a number of recommendations to move the GIME research forward in curriculum development, policy, research and assessments. Some recommendations include:

  • Develop a set of standards on gender against which curriculum is assessed
  • Facilitate strategic regional engagements with institutions of higher education and industry on mainstreaming gender
  • Create foundation course for educators to build the capacity of trainers on gender
  • Develop a gender and media bibliography on gender and media
  • Craft a list of moderators and external examiners for theses
  • Submit student theses to be uploaded on a database of research on gender and media
  • Draft a schedule of discussions for the Online Media Educator’s Community of Practice (CoP)
  • Take a common course and discuss it on the CoP from inception to assessment


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