I continue to dig for my diamond: success

I continue to dig for my diamond: success

Date: February 27, 2011
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Violet Hunadi Ralebipi is the new 2011 Communications Intern at Gender Links. She is a South African citizen born on 8 May 1989 in a township called Praktiseer, Limpopo. Prior to her internship at Gender Links, Ralebipi completed a Communication Studies degree at University of Limpopo, majoring in Communication Studies, Media and English. She stood out and received awards for top student in English (2009 and 2010) and third position in Media Studies (2009 and 2010). She took part in numerous activities including debate, the English Society, the Student Christian Organisation, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Africa Student Organisation, which groomed her to be the person she is today, motivated and involved. She was selected to represent the University at Rhodes University for the Future Journalist Programme (FJP) in 2009 and she also received training from the Host Broadcasting Service for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where she worked as a Commentary Assistant.

Ralebipi is a “Self motivated individual who always finds herself a way out of a sticky situation, cliché, but true,” she says. She believes that the reward of hard work is success and even though there is no one to pat your back when things are well-done, hundreds appreciate your good deeds.

Ralebipi says when she first heard about Gender Links she knew nothing about it except it had to do with gender. Where the link was, she had no idea. When Ralebipi chose to apply for the internship programme at Gender Links she knew she was in competition with students from neighbouring countries. Tough competition gave her goose-bumps but she knew she had to do it.

When she received the call from Saeanna Chingamuka she had started feeling the pressure of being unemployed but had also only just graduated in December 2010. “My greatest fear is doing nothing and then I was thinking about staying at home ‘job hunting'” she said. “Chingamuka’s call brought joy, hope and assurance that I can be anything that I want to be. It is all in the power of the mind. Being chosen by Gender Links to be a part of their growth and success is an honour, a learning curve, a mind opener and a stepping stone to greater heights.” She knows she has to give the internship her all and contribute not only to the organisation but to the world. She thinks this is the perfect chance to make a positive change to the way media handles gender issues, to be a part of developing a brighter world for women and girls. “I feel obliged to serve Gender Links with my all.”

Ralebipi said she finds her colleagues friendly, helpful and receptive to the new interns. “I have always been aware of gender inequality, gender-based violence and have learned about media and gender but I have never thought it was this big an issue till I came to Gender Links,” she says.

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Mary Coopan says:

The way things are going on especially concerning youth, adults tend to blame the younfg ones,stating that they are good for nothing,they don’t respect anything or anyone,it’s so comforting to read such abeatifukl piece on such a beautiful young girl;her experience and motivations make us have hope for the future.Well done girl and keep it up,you’ll succeed.

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