Laurentia Golley

Laurentia Golley

Date: August 5, 2011
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Intern, Namibia GL Office

My name is Laurentia Geraldine Golley. I hail from a small village in the South of Namibia called Aroab. It is situated about 600km from the capital Windhoek. I completed my primary school at Oosterheim Junior Secondary School. Secondary school was completed at Taben College in Windhoek. In 2009/10 I assisted GL Country Facilitator Ms Sarry Xoagus-Eises with administration work before joining GL in July 2010.

Being a current intern at GL, it’s an honor to work with the GL family. I met many people especially interns where we share lot of our challenges and even achievements we went through. It is a stressful environment, but keeps us on our toes daily to deliver. Amongst many deliverables the challenges has been writing the virtual resource centre case studies. Other main areas for me to provide professional services are keeping the GL Namibia office functioning well. My main duties are compiling reports on the workshops monitoring and evaluation, booking for venues, assist in making sure catering and all logistics are in place and uploading photos. Face book is another empowerment social network where I am daily in touch with my interns as well as some of the GL Managers.

Besides facing small challenges, I can contest here that I can measure my growth and have small success stories to tell.

Recently I participated at the Association of all Local Authorities 55th Annual Congress where I maintained the GL stand. It was my first experience at hand. I had to explain at the stand what GL is all about and many questions that were challengeable. Thanks Ms Sarry Xoagus-Eises and Mona Hakimi were on hand to assist with Ministers and other dignities. Out stand was visited by the Minister of Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, Trade and Industry, Governors and many others. The stand was staffed with all GL materials to assist in this regard.

Finally I would like to thank GL family for having given me the change to rapped shoulders with big gender gurus. Your constant brief and constructive criticism and encouragement has help throughout my growth. I am indebted to all.


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