Ntolo Lekau

Ntolo Lekau

Date: July 8, 2011
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Intern, Lesotho GL Office

I am Ntolo Lekau and I work as an intern at Lesotho GL Office. Prior to joining Gender Links formally as an intern in August 2010, I did volunteer work with the Lesotho GL Office by assisting the Lesotho Country Facilitator during the first GL Gender Justice and Local Government Summit and Awards earlier in 2010. As a college graduate from the Lesotho College of Education, I was looking forward to kick starting my career by doing something exiting and I was fortunate to be granted an opportunity to work with Gender Links.

Before joining Gender Links, I had not yet been exposed to gender and media work but after a couple of months working with GL, a lot of gender and media issues and how these affect women and gender relations in general became more clear and I could understand better. Because of the nature of work that I do, there is so much to learn from the GL as an organisation and the people I interact with during meetings and workshops that we convene. Working as an intern my core duties are to administer all GL Monitoring and Evaluation forms, assist participants in filling them up and upload them to the backend of GL website. Secondly, to upload newspaper clippings, to put together VRC case studies and to contribute to Lesotho GL social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. I cannot say that this has been all easy but I had to adapt and love my job because the issues that are being addressed by Gender Links are fundamental to change and Monitoring and Evaluation helps to map out programmes so as to effect the necessary change. All the same, it has been an amazing experience analysing the media from a gender perspective which is a new skill for me. My interest in gender and the media has really grown and I have had an opportunity to meet different people and hear their views concerning gender related topics.


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