Putting gender on the Windhoek Declaration agenda

Date: May 6, 2011
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On 3 May 2011, the world celebrated World Press Freedom Day. For Africa, the 2011 celebration is special as it marks 20 years of the Windhoek Declaration. However, there can be no press freedom in Africa until women’s voices are equally heard in the media. The questions that arise are, has the Windhoek Declaration enhanced media ownership by women, are women’s voices represented in the media, what are the lessons learnt over the last 20 years, what can Africa do going forward? The GMDC will be convening seminars to discuss the mainstreaming of gender in media freedom issues. Recommendations from the seminars will be collated into one document to be submitted at the African Media and Information Summit to be held in Cape Town in September 2011. Should you want to host a seminar to discuss these issues, contact Saeanna Chingamuka on gmdcmanager@genderlinks.org.za or call 011 622 2877.

Read the  Gender equality and press freedom: the case of the Windhoek Declaration Concept note below.


Download : Concept Note

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