SADC Protocol media provisions hit the airwaves

Date: December 9, 2010
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How often do we hear women featured in news pieces on the radio?

Not often, according to the Gender and Media Progress Study, which found that SADC has a long way to go before reaching gender parity in the media.

However, the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, adopted by Heads of State in August 2008, calls on the media to mainstream gender in all laws, policies, and training. As in other areas of decision-making, the media is called on to make sure that there are equal numbers of women and men in all areas and at all levels by 2015 and that they are given equal voice in all coverage. The media is urged to challenge stereotypes and to be sensitive in its coverage of topics like gender violence.

But sometimes the media need a little prodding, which is why gender and media activists gathered in Johannesburg for the Fourth Gender and Media Summit in October 2010. Under the banner, Gender, Media, Diversity and Change, trainers, analysts, activists and practitioners measured progress against the provisions of the Protocol.

GL used the GEM summit as an opportunity to produce radio spots on the media provisions in the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. The spots focused on women in media content, media education, women in the media, media regulation and specific thematic areas such as HIV and AIDS. They were supported by FES to be in line with the media provisions of the Protocol.

Four main interviews were produced:

  • GEM Summit participants comment on progress
  • Lavinia Mohr on the GMMP
  • Colleen Lowe Morna on the GMPS
  • Pat Made on the Gender in Media Education Audit

Additional content is available, including:

  • Media monitoring and who makes the news.
  • Regulation, consumer watchdogs, and gender in media education and training.
  • Interviews about glass ceilings in the media from women journalists and editors.
  • Interviews about media coverage of GBV and HIV/AIDS.
  • French and Portuguese content.

Broadcasters and media professionals are welcome to use the interviews for their coverage of gender in the media. These programmes can also be used by media educators and trainers to augment their teaching.

To listen, click here.

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