Ticha Tsedu

Ticha Tsedu

Date: September 16, 2011
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My name is Mukondeleli Ticha Tsedu, born in Limpopo, South Africa and raised in the city of gold. I recently completed my Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Cape Town where my majors include public administration, sociology and media studies. On a personal note my dad has been a major role model in my life because, from his humble beginnings he has become one of the country’s most respected journalists. His life and experiences in the media industry have certainly influenced the person I am today – from understanding the value of humility as an individual to appreciating the power of the media to shape and contribute to the decisions people make on a daily basis.

I’ve come to Gender Links in the hopes that I will gain exposure into the workings of an issue based organization committed to changing and improving the lives of Africans. I myself would like to become an activist for the promotion of access to information in Africa, particularly to inform Africans about globalization, political economy of the media and cultural imperialism among other concepts. I hope that my experience at Gender Links will enable me to become more aware of the diverse social challenges faced by Africans and more importantly, find solutions aimed at creating a better
living environment for all.

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