UB media literacy students graduate

UB media literacy students graduate

Date: May 31, 2011
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On 21 April, 15 University of Botswana students who participated in the gender and media literacy course graduated from the course. The event took place at the University and was attended by lecturer Sibonile Ellece, who has undertaken extensive research on the linkages between language and social constructs and how this influences our perceptions.

She said “Gender stereotypes are entrenched in our language and critical study of language and language products is important. The media literacy course has helped in this regard to unveil some of the gender stereotypes that the media perpetuates.”

The students agreed that although they came from different faculties and would disperse to different career paths, they had all benefitted tremendously as the course opened their eyes to how they can be more aware of gender dynamics within their respective fields. Two students from the law department shared that they had never viewed the media or law in through a gender lens. Media students noted that they now knew who to contact if they ever need legal advice when writing their stories.


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mvuleni tshazibana says:

very informative articles and interventions undertaken by gender links in enlightening us on your role in the SADC region and beyond based on your mandate. we need such programmes to be arranged for our province the northern cape especially as means of formal education in gender perspectives on the basis of accreditation. palama on the one hand should be commended for the sterling work they have done on gender mainstreaming but gender equality goes beyond that. in the northern we have a gender machinery that has become dysfunct due to non-coordination of programmes on a common understanding. i hope my correspondence will reach your most amicable response. thank you

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