Community Media Trust

Community Media Trust

Date: November 3, 2010
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Community Media Trust (CMT), a not-for-profit media production company, has produced educational television in the fields of health, HIV and AIDS, education, gender-based violence and other human rights issues since 1998.   CMT believes that the media plays a key role in combating gender -violence and promoting gender equality. CMT’s work on gender can be divided into media messaging and training. Its flagship production is the educational television series Siyayinqoba Beat It! while its documentary work includes the recent gender-based violence documentary A Country for My Daughter. Lucilla Blankenburg, CMT, was an award winner for A Country for my Daughter, at the recent GEM Summit and Awards.

Embracing the theme of “Get Informed, Get Involved!” a group of young community journalists takes the lead in the 2010 season of Siyayinqoba Beat It! which was launched in October. At the helm of the well-known programme about people living with HIV and AIDS is Nokubonga Yawa, a vibrant young woman living openly with HIV. The group of nine community journalists investigate and report on a range of issues from teenage pregnancy to male circumcision to long-term survival. Each episode brings viewers face to face with a particular challenge facing people living with HIV and their support networks – partners, family, friends and health workers. As the community journalists take viewers on this journey they learn about solutions which allow people to overcome these challenges and tackle problems associated with HIV and AIDS.

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