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Date: September 30, 2010
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Women’s Net: Digital Stories for Transformation

Women’sNet has used digital media since it’s inception in 1998 to amplify women’s voices and share information and knowledge. Digital stories are stories produced, stored and disseminated using digital media. Women’sNet defines digital story telling as a recording and documentation method which foregrounds the voice and experiences of story tellers as primary in the process of storytelling. The focus is on the story tellers’ control over the medium, choice of words (narration), pictures and music so that the process is as powerful for the story teller as the end product is to the listener.

Because Women’sNet is committed to challenging traditional approaches of developing media which appropriates women’s voices, misrepresents us, and disempowers us, our approach to digital stories is one of empowerment, of women’s control over their voices and stories, and respectful of process and product. In the process of making digital stories the importance of women’s control and empowered use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) tools is emphasized.

Watch: Take a look at some digital stories on our Blip.tv channel by clicking on http://womensnet.blip.tv/. You can also find  them on YouTube.

Click here to visit Women’sNet website.

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