Rural women who suffer from abandonment by their husbands_ New Habari (2006) LTD_ August 2016

Date: August 10, 2016
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Name of the story: Rural women who suffer from abandonment by their husbands

Name of the media house: New Habari (2006) LTD.

Country: Tanzania


Brief description of the item of work you submitted and motivation of why it is a good example of gender awareness and sensitivity in advancing gender equality Post-2015.

This article is a real good example of some rural women who suffer from abandonment by their husbands only when they have problems suitability of this article will help give brightness to know their basic rights when they are being let go without following the rules.


Why did you produce the story? What problem or context is it responding to?

I write this article when I was trying to watch hundreds of women who are suffering in the continent to be tortured and abandoned by their husbands when they are sick or disability.

Key objectives

What did you hope to achieve with this coverage?

I hope that through the articles I have written many will learn and will also have manual empowers legal entities to reach people in rural areas where many of them have find themselves facing serious problems without getting any legal support.

Target audience

Who did you hope to reach? Did you succeed in reaching this audience? What evidence do you have to that effect?

I think the first person to reach the mother was eyespot disabilities while delivering critical condition in bed with the husband she abandoned her leaving the bed. This is something one cannot be affected but will be part of education for men in order to care for their wives to the difficulties.

How did you go about researching and writing the story?

How did you gather the data, how many sources, female and male did you consult? Why did you choose these sources and how were their voices important?

When I have thought I am going to keep working on authentic sources e.g. the woman is a remote deserted I go in there to see him and talk to him if they speak. I speak to his relatives, neighbours and his friends used to finish burdensome social welfare and lawyers to find out what law protects the woman who was abandoned by her husband.


What impact did it have? What evidence do you have to illustrate impact?

The author writes articles they read and citizens will delete them right there is the impact of its information appears. No any side effects


Follow up

How would you conduct a follow up to your story and why?

I will follow through early to know if my information has generated a reaction as expected. I will go to the perpetrators neighbours, friends and even for lawyers and leaders of the area until recently as chairperson councillor or local government.