A study of the extent, nature and costs of domestic violence to the Mauritian economy

Date: July 4, 2016
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Commissioned by the UNDP, the objectives of this research were to determine the extent and nature of domestic violence in the country as well as to try to put a cost to it.

It is clearly not a homogenous problem and varies according to age, religion, income and general beliefs within a family or community. A more targeted approach will be able to provide services to victims and perpetrators from various cultural and social backgrounds.

The study looks at the various impacts of emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse on productivity as well as the cost of service delivery, hospitalisation, et al. Both direct and indirect costs are included.

Author: Centre for Applied Social Research of the Mauritius Research Council
Publisher: Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and family Welfare
Year of Publication: 2010
Classification Number: Mauritius Government Publication