A Toolkit for mainstreaming gender in higher education in Africa

Date: March 6, 2013
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African higher education institutions, particularly universities, have been keen to mainstream gender into their core functions of teaching and research, as well as administration. As a result many have introduced gender studies courses in many of their faculties and departments. There has seldom been a concerted, synchronised policy for integrating gender into the university functions as a whole.

There are exceptions such as Makere University and the Africa Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town which has been a catalyst for conducting and publishing research from all over Africa. These efforts not withstanding, gender mainstreaming initiatives in higher education in Africa have been far from adequate. Against this background the Working group on higher education of the ADEA has decided to fund this toolkit which consists of 10 modules. Training workshops can be planned using the toolkit and hopefully the institutions which use it will mainstream gender into their functions.

ISBN: 9988-589328
Publisher: ADEA
Year of Publication: 2006

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