Activist Voices: Feminist Struggles for an Alternative World

Date: September 30, 2009
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A collection of papers offering the basis for critical reflection on experiences, achievements and challenges faced by critical feminist activists and other progressive persons and organizations in their struggles for alternative social organizational forms and relations was recently published in Tanzania.This collection makes a significant contribution to the body of literature on critical feminism and radical activism in Tanzania. Its publication is significant because, more often than not, activists are too busy in the process of doing to take time off to reflect on what it is they are engaged in, to document the process so as to share with others. This book is generated from people who are themselves engaged in activism. Putting it together is a deliberate move to allow them space to reflect and make a critique of their own engagement with the aim of generating organic theory from their practice.

ISBN: 9987-622-76-3
Publisher: TGNP
Year of Publication: 2003

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