Africa in Fact: Looking East: The Asian model

Date: December 15, 2017
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This edition of Africa in Fact questions whether the Asian model can be transposed onto Africa. GGA promotes good governance in Africa and Africa in Fact publishes articles from writers across the continent.

As Africa reduces its dependence on aid and foreign direct investment continues to flood in, Asian economies look attractive. They top the list of sources of Africa’s investment.

African governments should emulate Asia’s solutions to food security, as climate change affects crops. Eating off Kenya’s plate examines China’s investment in Kenyan agriculture. China’s stakes in marine bases across Africa are unsettling world powers.

Although a developmental state, South Africa is not keeping pace with Asian nations’ successes (SA lagging Asian Tigers).  India is also cementing it’s footprint in  Southern Africa. While a pariah in much of the world, North Korea enjoys support in Africa.

Finally, Yoshino and Helble examine Asia’s metropolises as a blueprint for African urbanisation.

Asian model for Africa


Author: Jurgens, Richard (ed)
Publisher: GGA
Edition: Issue 41
Year of Publication: April-June 2017