Africa in Fact: Risky business

Date: June 9, 2014
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Africa in Fact, Issue 23: This issue contains a number of articles on entrepreneurship and features an article called Skirting the Issue which examines legislation with regard to gender equity. The article proposes that African women need to be recognised in all spheres as full citizens. Remaining legal inequalities relating to inheritance, property and labour rights must be reformed. Policymakers need to urgently prioritise girls’ education.

Doing business in Africa is generally not for the faint-hearted. Libraries have been written about the continent’s developmental challenges: poor infrastructure, weak governance, onerous regulations and haphazard laws. Perhaps a more pertinent question is: what needs to be done to improve the prospects for all entrepreneurs, whether male or female?

Publisher: Good Governance
Edition: Issue 23
Year of Publication: June 2014

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