African Journal on Conflict Resolution

Date: December 1, 2014
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Three of the articles in this issue highlight the bad news about the tragedies and tenacities of fighting. Three focus on the good news about ways of resolving the fighting, and the first three also contain recommendations in this regard. As one reads about lethal conflict between government and rebel forces in neighbouring countries and ethnic groups, or between culturally, politically and/or economically antagonistic population sectors, you can become overwhelmed with pessimism, and even feel tempted to consider a laissez faire conclusion.

One can also read the same material, however, while bearing in mind that the possibility of change should never be ignored. In fact, it can be said with good reason that ‘[a]ll conflict is about change’ (Anstey 2006:3). After all, whenever an aggrieved party gets to the point of initiating a conflict, it is always (or almost always?) driven by its craving for having an unwanted status quo changed. The slogans and demands of such a party usually articulate clearly what the pivotal change is towards which they are struggling or fighting.


ISBN: 1562-6997
Publisher: ACCORD
Edition: Volume 14, Number 1
Year of Publication: 2014
Download : 19679_ajcr_vol14_1-mozambique_peace_decades_since_the_end_of_the_conflict.pdf
Download : 19680_ajcr_vol14_1-accounting_for_violence_in_eastern_congo.pdf
Download : 19681_ajcr_vol14_1-religious_terrorism_boko_haram.pdf

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