African Journal on Conflict Resolution

Date: May 9, 2016
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This is a special issue on social cohesion in post-conflict societies. This includes an article on social cohesion, sexuality, homophobia and women’s sports in South Africa proposing that to realise the potential for sport as a tool of social cohesion, an effort needs to be made to deal with heteronormative regimes and the homophobia they foster.

There is also a South African perspective on student leadership and advocacy for social cohesion. A further article examines the challenges that militate against the full engagement of New African Pentecostalism and social cohesion in South Africa. The book review is of Paulus Zulu’s “A nation in crisis: An appeal for morality”, an indictment of the lack of morality in the governance of South Africa.

ISBN: 1562-6997
Publisher: ACCORD
Edition: Volume 15 Number 3
Year of Publication: 2015